I have been an educator of the performing arts world wide for over a decade. As a performer with 18+ years of professional experience, I have had the honor to work with some of the best artists, directors, choreographers, and producers in the Broadway, Music, and Film industries. I love sharing the knowledge with students, parent, and other educators to help them become successful in show business.

TRAINING (For Vocalists, Actors, and Dancers) : This can be 1 time training, or continued weekly training. Actors, Singer, Dancers: Will submit via recorded video or live Zoom chat, a monologue, song, or dance they enjoy or are currently working on. If no material is available it can be provided by me.

AUDITIONS: I will help you prepare for auditions. Whether for collegiate, pre-professional, or professional. I will also be a reader for 2 actor material.

CAREER: A lot of people never have the opportunity to ask a professional “what’s it really like in the industry.” I will tell you everything you want to know, and some truths you may not like hearing, but will help you on your path. This is about being an educated performer and business minded throughout your career; how to carry yourself in the industry, personal marketing, physical and emotional self care, how to develop with or without an agent, booking resources, and more. These sessions can be 1 time or great for monthly check ins. I also advise this type of session for parents and teachers of students who are in high school and college.

FINANCE: Making a living doing what you love as a performer is a real thing! I have owned 3 homes throughout my career, I have created and run my own businesses, and travel the world. I never lived beyond my means, because this path still has it’s ups and downs. So, budgeting for a performers is almost as important as training. You don’t need a hit Broadway show or blockbuster film to be successful in the industry. You just need the “how.” And I will prove it!

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